The Essential Etiquette Rules for Drinking at a Wine Bar

When it comes to drinking at a wine bar, there are certain etiquette rules that should be followed. From shaking the wine to holding the glass properly, wine comes with its own rules of service and etiquette, which can be a little intimidating for the less experienced. To ensure that you drink great wine and avoid falling into the most common (and embarrassing) mistakes, here are some essential etiquette rules for drinking at a wine bar.

Always Drink from the Same Place in the Glass

Once you drink from a glass, you should drink in the exact same place in that glass for the rest of the night. This is to avoid damaging your lips, whether it's natural oils, lipsticks or lipstick.

Any wine bar that cares about its clientele won't let them drink something they don't like. Don't hesitate to ask for a sample of the wines that interest you, as long as they are available by the glass, so you can try them.

Hold the Wine Glass by the Stem

The wine rack will serve each wine with its appropriate glass. Apply the general label of drinking glasses and always hold the wine glass by the stem. During a meal, strong alcohol should not be ordered or served, as the right drink would be a suitable wine during the meal and champagne served with dessert.

Name Liquor and Soda When Ordering Mixed Drinks

The first rule for ordering drinks at a bar is to name the liquor and then the soda when ordering mixed drinks.

If you know the world of wine well, you probably don't need help navigating the list, but keep in mind that neither the waiter nor your fellow customers want you to show off your wine knowledge if you do so in an arrogant way.

Waiters Should Know Pertinent Facts About Each Wine

Many guests rely on their waiter or waitress to suggest, present and serve the perfect wine for their tastes, so it is essential that waiters know the pertinent facts about each wine and how to serve it accordingly. We'll show you the steps necessary to create a proper wine service to help you choose, present and serve wines so that your guests can enjoy a perfect experience. From shaking the wine to holding the glass properly, wine comes with its own rules of service and etiquette.

White Wine is Usually Served with Fish, Pasta and Salad

As for wines, white wine is usually served with fish, pasta and salad, and is most commonly served as an aperitif, and red wine with red meat or as a main course. If you don't feel like a specific wine and don't know the wines on the list, the solution, once again, is communication with your server.

Properly Store Wines for Your Restaurant Whether you need to properly store a variety of wines for your restaurant or you're looking for tips for long-term wine storage, there are a few things you can do. Not every restaurant needs to serve dozens of wines or hire an in-house sommelier to be successful at selling wine.

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